Is Gold Plated Jewellery Worth It?

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Is Gold Plated Jewellery Worth It?

The seemingly infinite variations of gold jewellery on the market can be overwhelming, and if you don’t have a solid understanding of what’s what, you’re likely to be met with a few unwanted surprises related to the cost, aesthetics and durability of your jewellery.
If you’re on a budget, you’ve probably seen quite a few attractive gold plated jewellery and “gold vermeil” options within your price range. However, it’s important to understand what gold plated jewellery actually is, how it ages, and what to look for instead.

What is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold plated jewellery is made of a base metal (brass or copper) that is plated with a thin layer of gold. Seeing that that this gold plating is very thin, it rubs off easily and tarnishes at a fast rate. The gold may not corrode, but the copper and brass will. The bottom line is that gold plated jewellery does not age well, especially if it’s worn on a daily basis.

why is gold vermeil better than gold filled

What About Gold Vermeil?

A seemingly superior alternative to gold plated jewellery is gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is a base of silver (pure or sterling) that is more heavily plated with gold when compared to regular gold plated. However, the problems with gold vermeil are the same as with gold plated, only it lasts slightly longer. If worn on a daily basis, the average lifespan for a gold vermeil jewellery piece is 6 months. On top of that, you need to remove plated jewellery before working out or showering if you don’t want it to deteriorate in record time.

10k Jewellery = The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re on a budget, 10k jewellery is your best bet as it’s only slightly more expensive than plated jewellery. (see cost comparison below)
Main benefits of 10k gold compared to gold plated:
  • You can wear it forever.
  • You can swim, shower, and sweat while wearing.
  • Since it’s made from solid gold, if it’s ever damage you can easily repair it by taking it to any jeweller.

A Concrete Price Comparison

Is Gold Plated Jewellery Worth It?, is gold vermeil tarnish proof

Gold Vermeil Mejuri Hoops - $90
10k Gold Miscellaneous Jewellery Hoops - $95
When it comes down to it, you can either pay $90 for something that will last you 6 months, or spend the extra $5 for something that will outlive you.
The inexpensive often becomes expensive when you factor planned obsolescence into the equation. Clothes from H&M and Zara look decent on the rack with pop music blaring in the background, but they don’t age well and you are forced to come back for more at some point in the near future.
Gold plated is the H&M blouse of jewellery.

In Conclusion

To wrap up, gold plated jewellery is not worth it. If you are on a budget, 10k gold jewellery is your best option thanks to its durable aesthetics and impressive resistance to the elements. Shower with it, swim with it, sweat with it, but don’t sweat the longevity of 10k gold.
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