Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Are there returns? We review returns on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at or DM us on Instagram. We are happy to consider your queries.

2. How long does shipping take? 3 business days to process the order, and approximately 10 business days once the order is placed. 

3. How do I know my jewelry is authentic? Look for stamps on the product itself. Typically, stamps of authenticity are located on the clasp. Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties.

4. How should I take care of my jewelry? (1) Avoid tugging on necklaces and chains. Too much tension can cause them to snap. (2) Avoid wearing delicate pieces during activities where there is a likelihood of the piece catching on external objects. (3) Fortunately, unlike gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry, you need not worry about water damage with our pieces.

5. How do I contact customer support? Email us anytime at or DM us on Instagram. 

6. My discount code won't work. What should I do? Email us anytime at or DM us on Instagram. 

7. The item I want isn't in stock anymore. Where can I find it? DM us on Instagram or email us. In most instances, we'll be able to get you what you're looking for; if not, we'll provide details on a similar piece — at the same price and level of quality.

8. There is a problem with the product I received. Who do I contact? We are available for any problems you may have with our products. Please reach out to or DM us on Instagram. We strongly value customer service, and we are happy to listen to any and all concerns.

Please note: prices will change and vary in response to the fluctuation of gold market value.