Gold Jewellery Wear and Tear: Things to Consider

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Gold Jewellery Wear and Tear; Things to Consider

All organic matter is subject to wear and tear, and your jewellery is no different. However, judiciously selecting the right type, design, and material can help mitigate unwanted surprises. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

How to Select Jewellery for Durability


Rings are most susceptible to damage when compared to other types of jewellery such as pendants or earrings. Rings are also often removed several times per day, making them more likely to be dropped on hard surfaces.
“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.
-Murphy’s Law


If you’re going be wearing a piece of jewellery everyday, 10k gold jewellery is your best bet as it’s more durable than 14k gold. For example, a 14k ring is more likely to get scratched, scuffed and dented when compared to a 10 karat ring. Read about the difference between 10k and 14k gold jewellery here


Certain designs can make scratches glaringly obvious, such as wide plain faces. For example, a round signet ring is much more susceptible to sport eyesore scuffs and scratches than a nugget ring with varied texture. (link to two product pages of both if you can)

Round Signet Ring

How to polish gold rings

Nugget Ring

gold jewellery wear and tear


High polish rings are more likely to show scratches or dents than rings with matte/brushed finishes. The high polish creates more contrasts between itself and the dents.

Different Types of Gold Ring Finishes

Exposure to Chemicals

Using certain chemicals can slightly alter the colour of the gold, so try to avoid such exposure when possible.
Simply having a polishing cloth on hand can help restore your gold jewellery’s original colour in a matter of seconds.
*Every Misc. Jewellery package comes with a complimentary polishing cloth.
If your gold jewellery is already scratched or damaged, we have good news! All real gold jewellery of any karatage can be repaired, polished and restored back to its original condition easily and affordably at any local jeweller.

What to do if your jewellery is already damaged: Best Practices 

Use a Polishing Cloth

Simply using a polishing cloth can bring back the ring’s original colour and smooth over the appearance of bumps. You can also use a gold polish solution.
Before using a polishing cloth on your jewellery, clean your piece with a damp cloth lightly dipped in soapy water. Once it’s cleaned and dried, wiped it down with a polishing cloth until it shines.

*If your jewellery has gemstones, do not rub with a polishing cloth.


Bring it to a Jeweller (but don’t buff gold jewellery too often)

The perks of buying real gold jewellery is that you can take it to a jeweller and have them buff out any imperfections. However, keep in mind that every time your jewellery is buffed, a tiny amount of gold is lost in the process.
As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have your gold jewellery polished more than 1-2 times per year.

Gold Jewellery General Maintenance: Best Practices

Remove it when necessary

We highly recommend you remove your rings before washing dishes, cooking, or doing other types of manual labour with your hands.

Less Durable = Wear Less Often

10k or 14k pieces are best for everyday wear, while 18k and up are ideal for special occasions.

Safe storage

Investing in a jewellery box is the best way to safely store jewellery, and prevent it from getting lost or unnecessarily damaged.

Jewellery Box to Prevent scratches

Invest in Gold Maintenance Products

A gold solution and a gold polishing cloth are the tried and true weapons against minor aesthetic imperfections on your gold jewellery. 

C’est la vie

As much as we would love to say that 10k is the strongest material you can wear, it is by no means invincible. As a jewellery lover myself, I tend to just accept that scratches are inevitable. When it gets bad, I’ll just take it to a local jeweller. Buffing on average costs $25-70. In order to avoid paying premium costs, we highly recommend going to a local jeweller.

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