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Our Customer Reviews

"I’ve been in search of a square gold signet ring for my partner for so long and I’m so happy I stumbled across your page. It’s just what I was looking for!"

Francesca Hall

"Quality of the chain seems great! Even during our Pandemic shutdown times, Lana responded to my emails very fast and even delivered my order to my door. Great product and great customer service, they have the best of both worlds."

Kevin He

"It came quicker than I expected, and it looks super high quality. I've had the necklace now for about 3 months and there's been no wear or any signs of issues."

Matty Flader

Misc. Blogs

Misc. Blogs is your source for all information on fine jewellery. Visit our blog for tips, tricks, and to learn more about buying fine jewellery in Canada.

10k vs. 14k Gold: Canadian Jewellery Shopping Guide

Shopping for authentic Canadian gold jewellery can be a confusing and daunting task. In this article, you'll learn all about gold purity (also known as, karats); and we'll help you identify which type of gold jewellery is just right for you. 

How Karats Affect Your Gold Jewellery

Purity – which is expressed in karats  is the most common metric used to refer to gold jewellery. The karats of gold you buy impacts several qualities of your jewellery: (1) How yellow does it appear? (2) How susceptible is it to scratches or dents? (3) How expensive or valuable is it?