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About Misc. Jewellery

Lana, the creator of Miscellaneous Jewellery, comes from a small family of Armenian jewellers. Her parents, Ara and Naira, have been handcrafting and designing fine jewellery in Toronto, Canada since 2004. After graduating university, Lana decided to follow in her family's footsteps, marking the creation of Misc. Jewellery.

Our Pricing Model

We like affordable and fair. Misc. Jewellery adopts a jeweller pricing model instead of a traditional markup strategy. No hidden luxury fees. No hidden profit margins. Simply the value of gold.

Our Materials

We source only the best of the best - that means no gold vermeil and no gold-filled jewellery. Only shower friendly, forever lasting materials. Read about the differences between 10k and 14k gold jewellery here.

Why misc. jewellery?


"To include many things of different kinds".

Rooted by a deep propensity for creative liberty and an abundance of choice. Misc. Jewellery is a Toronto-based brand designed for — and by — the ultra-modern free spirit.

Misc. Jewelry is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada by our expert team of in-house jewellers. From drafting sketches, to the finishing touch — the meticulous process creates high quality pieces that you can feel proud to wear.

Now Introducing

Misc. Jewellery

SINCE 2004


Misc. Jewellery is made up of a strong network of Toronto-based jewellers and manufacturers. Timeless fine jewellery. Zero supply chain markup. We get it straight from the source. 



Lana, the creator of Misc. Jewellery, credits her entrepreneurial spirit to her Mother and Father, who have been selling and manufacturing handcrafted jewellery in Canada for over twenty years.

"Jewellery is the profession of Armenians"

Deep roots

Lana comes from a family of goldsmiths and jewellers. For Lana, being a jeweller is an identity that's as strong as her Armenian ethnicity. After graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Lana decided to follow in her family's footsteps, thus marking the creation of Misc. Jewellery.


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