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Why misc. jewellery?


"To include many things of different kinds".

Rooted by a deep propensity for creative liberty and an abundance of choice, Misc. Jewellery is a Toronto-based brand designed for — and by — the ultra-modern free spirit.

Misc. Jewelry is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada by our expert team of in-house jewellers. From drafting sketches to the finishing touch, our meticulous process creates high quality pieces that you can feel proud to wear.

Now Introducing

Misc. Jewellery


Meet Our Founder

Meet Lana, the creative force behind Misc. Jewellery. Lana attributes her entrepreneurial drive to her parents, who have been creating and selling handmade jewellery in Toronto, Canada since 2004. Persistent commitment and modest beginnings as Armenian immigrants remain a source of inspiration for Lana today.

After graduating from McMaster University with a B. Com. degree, Lana decided to keep her family’s legacy alive by diving headfirst into the smallbiz dream. And voila! Misc. Jewellery was born - a brand that radiates with Lana’s unique creative vision and unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit.


Misc. Jewellery was born out of the influence of Lana's family's modest Armenian immigrant heritage and their strong, independent work ethic. Lana has been deeply inspired by her parents' steadfast commitment to their craft and tireless work ethic, which has motivated her to establish Misc. Jewellery.


Misc. Jewellery is made up of a strong network of Toronto-based jewellers, vendors and manufacturers. Our Handcrafted collections feature pieces made by our expert in-house jewellers, and our Ready-To-Order collections are sourced locally from our network of suppliers and vendors.


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