The Opal Necklace

The Opal Necklace

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The Opal Necklace, made from solid 10k Gold and genuine Opal stone, box chains 16"-22", pendant 

12.5 mm x 6.5 mm

A Contemporary Approach to Luxury

We like affordable and fair. Misc. Jewellery adopts a jeweller pricing model instead of a traditional markup strategy. No hidden luxury fees. No hidden profit margins. Simply the value of gold.

Why We Love Jewellers

Misc. Jewellery is made up of a strong network of Toronto-based jewellers and vendors. Timeless jewellery. Zero supply chain markup. We get it straight from the source. 

How It Works

The price of our jewellery adjusts according to the design, weight, and size of material.

Our Materials

We source only the best of the best - that means no gold vermeil and no gold-filled jewellery. Only shower friendly, forever lasting materials.